When does the fun begin? (34)

View from the loft

When a catastrophe of some kind occurs, you receive a lot of sympathy and attention the first week or so and it definitely helps you get through the initial shock. The real challenge, though, comes from surviving the day-to-day tasks in dealing with the aftermath. Week after week. Month after month. There’s no let up; your life becomes one huge ‘to-do’ list. It’s enough to drive you batty. Here’s my list from this week:

• Call contractor and leave message to find out when I can move back to my house because the temporary accommodations people are bugging me about my lease at the rental house and need 30 days lead time to extend it

• Rearrange meeting with ‘clothing restoration’ people due to forgotten business dinner, try not to show too much irritation when they show up with winter clothing despite our triple degree heat

• Send insurance appraiser my kitchen inventory updated with all the pantry and fridge items I lost and hope to get some reimbursements soon

• Try to remember how much all my beautiful, solid wooden bookcases from the last two decades cost and make good faith estimates, send list to insurance appraiser and let him figure out the tax from the two different states where I purchased them

• Call my contractor again and say please call me back so I don’t have to move out of the rental before my house is ready, big dogs don’t do very well in hotels and the ex sure isn’t going to dog sit again

• Return call to property damage department at mortgage company to find out which piece of paper I still have to sign or fax and/or get my contractor to sign and fax so that they’ll release the next installment of my insurance check

• E-mail contractor that at least one box with my daughter’s possessions was not delivered because she couldn’t find her flute in any of them and we need her to check everything before she returns to college in two weeks

• Check with friend’s daughter if the correct bed I sold her has been scheduled for redelivery (question once again how the contractor managed to deliver parts from two different beds)

• Send urgent e-mail to contractor about my two phone calls and tell him to call me back ASAP because the temp accommodations people are nagging me about moving

• Go to my house and see if the bike pump is still in the garage so my daughter can bike over to her tutoring job instead of having the ex or me drive her

• Read e-mail from contractor and discover that he has already talked to the insurance guy about extending the lease for one more month, reply and tell him next time I call with an urgent message he should call me back immediately instead of letting me stress out for two days

• E-mail realtors that the selling of my house will be postponed yet again, try not to cry on my laptop while doing so

• Update my facebook status to read ‘My contractor just told me the probably move-in date to my house has been set back to end of September. Shit, shit, shit.’

And there you have it, folks, a typical week in my post-fire life. Are we having fun yet?

A house can sure fill up a lot of trash bags

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One Response to When does the fun begin? (34)

  1. Melinda Vollmer says:

    What are you doing in your spare time?!!

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