Snippets (39)

How’s it going? People ask me that all the time now, not sure how I’ll answer these days.  There are lots of things happening these days; here are some snippets on the lighter side:

• After reading my post about weight, diet, and no cookbooks, my sister Leslie promptly sent me some links for recipes. She did not, however, send me the motivation to cook.

• I have music in the house again – yeah! I finally replaced my CD player and it looks very sleek and modern. Bring on the Beatles!

• The contractor finally delivered the missing pieces of my son’s bed that I sold to a friend’s daughter and picked up the wrongly-delivered pieces of my daughter’s bed. It only took a month.

• I had a little gathering of friends to celebrate the midway point between the time of the fire and moving back to my house. I called it ‘Halfway Home’ after deciding that ‘Halfway House’ would send the wrong message. Turns out, I was only a third way home.

• The landlord agreed to extend the lease for another month. I noticed that he increased the rent for the privilege of staying longer. I’m glad I’m not the one paying it.

• The ‘phone company that shall not be named’ sent me a final bill of 90 cents. Really?

• My dogs have discovered that the tissue paper stuffed in the shoes that were returned last week is fun to chew.

• A friend asked me to recommend vegetarian restaurants. I thought she was having vegetarian visitors, but she was just being sneaky, in a nice way. She and her husband sent us a gift certificate for food delivery. Gracias, Lucia!

• In an effort to assert his independence from anything to do with his parents, son Jacob has applied to live at a co-op in the campus area. It is, ironically, the same co-op that said parents lived in 30 years ago. Now how’s that for full circle?!

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3 Responses to Snippets (39)

  1. Adam J. Toth says:

    I was billed $ .02 by my university my first quarter.

  2. Adam J. Toth says:

    I love this structure right here, but maybe it’s because I’m becoming a well groomed literary scholar.

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