Dear Insurance People (54)

Living room before the fire

I feel a rant coming on. It’s been 3 ½ months since the fire and I have yet to get a check for my personal property loss. I understand you’ve been busy with all the other work my house fire has caused you, but I’m fed up. Back in May, just days after the fire, you told me to list everything in my upper kitchen cabinets and on the counters that we knew for sure was destroyed. I did so. Later I added a list of everything I could remember from my pantry and refrigerator. I even spent hours at my local grocery store checking prices. Then you told me I should send the list of plants that died. Again, I wrote up the list with prices. I’ve done my part. Time for you to do yours!

A couple of days ago you sent me a so-called ‘definitive list’ of my personal property. Hah! Sure, this time my pantry items and dead plants were added to it. But still no second TV, DVD player, DVR despite mentioning it at least three times. Really? Still only 4 of 6 living room chairs. Still no guitar. Oh by the way, my appliances were not the cheapest ones on the market; they were Kenmores and cost me a pretty penny at the time. I had 3 beds, so why have you listed only 2 mattresses?  You might want to blame my contractor for these errors and some were his errors originally. But we’ve met since then and written it all down for you. Please update your spreadsheet!

I should be moving back to my house in about five weeks. It would be nice to have a couch to sit on and a bed to sleep in. Somehow I don’t think the wooden frame alone is very comfortable. I’d like to have a TV as well. A refrigerator would be nice, too. I’m not the kind of person to go out and buy a major piece of furniture or big appliances without doing a little comparison shopping. I’ve already started looking and I must say, your so-called ‘replacement’ prices are mostly on the low side. Since you will only first issue a check for the ‘devalued’ cost, I need to buy furniture in several stages and wait until the reimbursements for the ‘replacement’ cost comes before I can buy more. I don’t have a few thousand hanging around in a bank account to front the initial purchases. I’ve used up all my money replacing kitchen, bathroom, and personal items that couldn’t wait 3 ½ months. Oh, have I mentioned that I have two kids in college?

Then there’s the matter of the $3300 deposit on the rental house and furniture. You wouldn’t pay for that, assuming that I must have a nice cushion of money to pay such an unexpected expense. I don’t, so you sent me an advance out of the personal property check that will eventually, I hope, come. Of course, I’ll have to wait for about a month after my move-in date for that deposit money to be returned, so it can’t go toward the furniture I need before I move back. I don’t mind waiting to replace everything, but it’s going to be hard to live there without the basics. Do you remember that I had planned to put my house on the market right before the fire? I still am, but houses don’t show well when it looks like the seller is camping at home.

I’ve tried to be patient; I don’t want to nag you all the time. I’m afraid if I let my inner bitch run wild, you’ll slow down the process even more. It’s a complicated relationship we have, one forced on us by accident. I’d love to break up, but I can’t do that until I get all my stuff back in the form of a check. So please, I beg of you, don’t drag it out any longer. Give me my check and I’ll break it off quickly with no tears. I promise.

Loft before the fire

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