Counting Down (68)

Two more weeks! Two more weeks until I move back into my house!! It may still need some work, but it will be habitable. I am moving back home! Can you tell I’m excited? The lease for the rental house ends on the 31st, so the contractor has no choice but to finish up most of the house by then. It’s coming along more and more each time I visit. A few days ago all the windows arrived. They are in the garage just waiting to be installed next week. The tile floors are laid in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms; the wood for the ground floor comes in next week; the light fixtures are up along with all the ceiling fans. The bathtubs are there, too. So all I need now is the kitchen and then the bathroom cabinetry, but if all goes well, they will be installed the following week. If all goes well . . .

The downside to counting down is that the number of tasks on my ‘to do’ list goes up. The Temp Accommodations people have sent me a list of everything I need to do; they also included strong statements that they are not responsible for just about anything. Although they set up my utilities, I need to shut them down. This is difficult to do without all the account numbers, so they’re going to have to send me the information. I don’t want to use my name with the various companies as I still have active accounts (and bills) for my own house’s use of electricity, water, and gas. I dread transferring the cable service again, not because the service was bad, but these changes are always a hassle and rarely seem to go smoothly. I am also in charge of contacting the rental furniture company to remove everything, which has to be coordinated with my contractor, who needs to have my salvaged and newly purchased furniture back at my house the same day. I don’t plan on sleeping on the floor during the transition. With my back, I’d be in physical therapy again before you could say ‘ouch.’

Then there’s the little matter of checking out with the landlord. He hasn’t been on my ‘good guy’ list since he tried to pull a fast one on me about lockboxes and the so-called agreement in my lease. I’m doing my part to keep this enormous house clean, so I can get my deposit back. I’m using up a soon-to-expire Groupon for ‘green cleaning’ that I bought before the fire, thinking it would be good for the new house I would buy in the summer. The contractor will send over some professional carpet cleaners, too. I hope this satisfies the landlord, but the man is holding $2600 of mine ransom and I’ll be anxious until I get all of it back. Otherwise, the kids’ spring tuition is going to be difficult. Life would be so much easier with more money in my bank account. Times like these make me want to start playing the lottery.

On the plus side, I finally have the basic furnishings I need to live in the house. I bought the living room furniture a week or so ago after visiting at least half a dozen stores. I still needed mattresses, but it’s hard to get excited about buying them. I procrastinated as long as possible and finally found some. Everything is waiting at the stores until my contractor picks it all up. The last item I need is a TV. I reluctantly admit that a TV is not a ‘want’ but a ‘need’ for me. When I get home from work, I want to relax and watch some shows. Nothing I buy will be too big for my car, though, so I’m waiting until the last minute to bring one home. Home. Just the sound of it makes me happy. My home will look quite different than before the fire, but it will be mine. No more landlord. No more rental furniture. No more rickety fence that mischievous dogs can break through and escape. I’ll be able to let them out in my own yard to run free, and then the dogs will realize, too, that we are finally back home.

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2 Responses to Counting Down (68)

  1. shoshwrites says:

    Thanks! It has been difficult, especially at the beginning. It’s definitely been a ‘growth’ experience, but I’d like to coast for awhile now. I’ve learned more about houses than I ever wanted to know! I am looking forward to starting fresh in both my current and then future home.

  2. Shallie says:

    New beginnings. It has been a long hard road, but soon it will end and then the part of selling and looking for another home, both exciting in many ways. I wish you lots of luck. This had to have made you a very strong and independent person if you were not before.

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