Juggling Houses (89)

I’ve been house hunting for a few months now, not including the BF (before fire) hunt. It’s become more serious as marketing day for my house approaches. I’ve gone back for a couple of second views of the top houses on my shortlist. This one is move-in ready except for personal preferences, that one needs more fixing up but has the much-desired fireplace, and another one has the best exterior but once inside, oh dear, rather shabby and the main living space is paneled. No house is perfect, right? That’s what all the shows about finding a house repeat, especially to first-time buyers. I’m not a house-hunting virgin, but it’s still difficult to decide which house suits me best. I’ve changed my mind a few times, too. I feel like I’m juggling too many houses and whenever I get another automated e-mail from the realtors about new houses for sale, it adds yet another ball to toss around.

Then there’s my current house to consider from the perspective of a juggler, I mean, buyer. The house went on the market Saturday morning. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got up early and tidied up, just in case. The first call came before lunch. Can I bring some clients to view the house at 12:30? Sure! My first viewers! I tidy the house again, put the dogs and their food and water outside. I fold up the doggy blanket on the couch to convert it back into a people couch. I plump the cushions, dustbust some dog hair, and prepare to leave for an hour. By the time I’ve run some errands and picked up some lunch to take home, it’s been over an hour. I return to the house only to see two vans still parked outside. I drive pass my house and park down the street to give the viewers some privacy but where I can see the vans. Another 15-20 minutes go by. I’ve checked my e-mails, played all the Words with Friends games I can, skimmed Facebook, and now I’m hungry for lunch. The family remains outside talking to their realtor for some time, which can only be good, right? They finally leave and I can go home for lunch. The dogs come back in but I won’t let them on the couch. Who knows when the next realtor will call? I wait. And wait. Nothing more for the entire weekend! Last time I sold a house, Sunday was the busiest day. Of course, that may have been because I lived in Seventh Day Adventist country, where Sabbath is Saturday and Sunday is a regular day. Sharon my realtor confirms that while some realtors here do work Sundays, the majority don’t. OK, I relax a bit.

Sure enough, once I’m back to work, agents begin calling again. I run home at lunch to put the dogs out. Luckily, we’re having very mild weather and the next few days I can send the dogs outside before leaving for work. We hear from one realtor who tells us how much the young couple loved the house but they don’t care for the location. Too close to a busy street. Oh well, I can’t do anything about that. On Thursday two different realtors show the house. Since one of the viewings is at 5, I linger at work and run an errand before heading home. No cars parked outside, so I’m good to go inside and relax for the evening. My realtor has set up another viewing on Saturday, just when I’m at the hairdressers’ – good timing. Then at 9:02 p.m. my realtor sends me a message – an offer should be coming in later tonight. Wow! Only six days on the market and my first offer! Hope it’s a good one. I had already planned to meet with Bob and Sharon on Friday afternoon to prepare an offer on the house I’m interested in, but now we’ll have more to discuss. I’m just a short time away from knowing where my next home will be. It’s both nerve-wracking and exciting.

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