The Game of Life (94)

When I was a kid, there was an interesting commercial for the game called The Game of Life. It showed players having different jobs, waving money when hitting it rich in the stock market, and various other life events. It looked like a lot of fun though when I played it at a friend’s house, I don’t remember it being quite so exciting. During the last few weeks, I’ve often felt like my life was unreal, like a game in some ways, though nowhere nearly as exciting as a TV commercial for games would have us believe. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, a bit like Chutes and Ladders with its highs and lows, often out of my control.

Three weeks ago I was scheduled to close on the house I was selling on a Thursday. The next morning I was scheduled to close on the house I was buying. The painters would come that afternoon as soon as I got the keys to begin prepping the house to paint. I had four days to close the door on my former home and finish moving into my new, empty-nester home, and we were trying to finish up the painting beforehand. I had my son and his friend coming on the weekend to help move the smaller stuff, my friend Debby coming on Sunday to do the same, and movers arriving on Tuesday to finish with the big stuff. Sounds like a plan, right? Then I got the news that we had some Trouble.

My buyers might not have all the necessary documents in order to close on time. Sorry, they said, but the mortgage lender had requested a new document last minute. No one on my side had had a Clue there was a problem until then. I could sympathize as I know my own mortgage lender had requested some documentation that seemed like a Trivial Pursuit. The entire process of buying and selling has become so complicated and cautious that it truly Boggles the mind. They’re taking no Risk these days. The delay, however, would have a Domino effect on everyone involved. If I didn’t sell my house on time, I couldn’t buy my house on Friday, which would then have to wait until Monday, and all the other plans would have to be rescheduled. I was not a happy player.

My realtors and friends tried to help me with my stress – it’ll all work out in the end, they said. Yes, I know, and you’d think that after the past year dealing with my son’s depression and my house fire that I’d be more philosophical about these bumps in the road. But I wasn’t. My quota of calm and patience, never a high number, had been used up this past year. Instead, I entered Candy Land and indulged myself as a way of calming my nerves. If only buying and selling was as easy as it was when playing Monopoly. In the end, it all worked out thanks to Bob the realtor being as pushy as possible with the buyers’ lenders. I sold my house on Thursday and bought my new house on Friday. The painters finished painting before my furniture arrived. I worked hard up until the last minute to move out of my old home and by dinnertime Tuesday, I was finally, finally in my new home.  Game over.

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